The Best Hair Burning Treatment Every Women Should Try

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Brazil is known for their gorgeous models and their tasteful takes on fashion and style.

It’s no surprise how the rest of the world looks to them for the latest in hairstyling and hair treatments too.

After the famed Brazilian Keratin Treatment and the Brazilian Blowout that seriously ironed women’s locks, there’s a new hair treatment that’s making waves everywhere and it involves burning your hair.

Why would Anybody want to Burn their Hair?

That’s exactly what people who have heard about this new hair trend has been asking.

It has been immensely popularized and mainstreamed by Victoria’s Secret models, Alessandra Ambrosio, Isabeli Fontana and Barbara Fialho, who have sworn by the improvements in their hair texture as a result of candle burning.

Velaterapia Steps

Candle burning or, Velaterapia, is an age old hair treatment method done by women in Brazil to straighten out their locks.

Just recently, this traditional hair treatment has found its way back into hair salons.

Stylists and subscribers say that this treatment thwarts away your split ends for good, leaving behind soft, smooth hair structure without the need for the usual remedy for split ends, that is, a trim.

What should you Expect when you get Velaterapia?

Velaterapia is a five-step process that involves the following steps:

Twisted Hair

Step 1: Divide hair into sections. Each section is twisted, one at a time. The twisted hair makes the split ends show and stand out.

Step 2: After each section is twisted, candle flame is run through the hair outlines of the twisted hair, deliberately burning hair strands that are sticking out. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 repeatedly until all your hair has been covered.

Step 3: Allow hair to cool. Untangle your twisted hair.

Step 4: Wash and treat. Follow through with the deep moisturizing treatment of keratin.

Leave on hair for 1 hour, ideally applied with slight heating to encourage better skin absorption.

Step 5: Blow dry. Brush your hair back into place.

When you decide to get yourself a Velaterapia hair treatment, expect to be charged anywhere between US$ 150 to US$ depending on your hair length and volume.

Unlike the usual haircut, you can expect your hair to straighten out without sacrificing a single centimeter of your hair. Plus, the keratin treatment that follows will leave your hair soft and shiny.

This treatment works wonders on split ends found at the center of your hair. However, if you have dry tips, a trim may still have to be necessary to take away the dullness and dryness of your hair.

After your first session, you then will be required to get a Velaterapia treatment every month after for maintenance.


Velaterapia is a great option for keeping your hair healthy most especially if you’re trying to grow it out and refuse to lose any length.

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