Yegi Sensitive Eyelash Extension Adhesive (Glue)

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That is our most delicate and least reactive eyelash extension glue.  It has the shortest maintain time and subsequently 10 day fills are really helpful.  This can be a premium eyelash extension glue meant in your most delicate shoppers. Bonding Power: 2-3 weeks Set time: 5-7 seconds Individuals can develop sensitivities over time.  This glue has had probably the most success with shoppers with delicate eyes.  We advocate doing a patch check of types on shoppers with delicate eyes.  Place 3 extensions on the surface corners of every eye and wait 24-48 hours.  If no soreness, redness or different irritation happens she ought to be okay, however we will by no means assure no reactions. Utilizing a nano mister instantly after application tremendously reduces reactions from all glues because it instantly cures the glue.  Reactions are sometimes to the fumes not the precise glue.  Glue ought to by no means contact the pores and skin.odor: delicate acrid
Bonding Power: 3-4 weeks
For traine magnificence professionals solely

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