PPI ADD-A-LASH Adhesive Reviews

1 Detail 


If you prefer a latex-free eyelash adhesive of which dries clear, seem no beyond ADD-A-LASH. This model is just not as popular as others are; however, it seems to accomplish very well. ADD-A-LASH is a watertight adhesive having a slim, contoured wand tip to the most accurate application at any time.

Removing is simply as uncomplicated as application – just lightly remove the lash strip beginning at the surface corner of the eyelid. One problem about ADD-A-LASH is that it is just for sale in clear.

2 How to use

Cut band to match eyelash series then take both sides of the eyelash and bend them to make a C type. Utilizing tweezers or the hands and position the incorrect eyelash as near your natural eyelash line as it can be beginning from the middle, inner and outside element then. After the glue is dry out totally, total any white areas in between your lashes as well as your natural lashes with a dark-colored liner.

3 Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Waterproof and latex free
  • Removal is easy
  • Mess-free application
  • Dry clear
  • Perfect for sensitive or allergic
  • N/A

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