How to make your eyelashes longer

how to make your eyelashes longer
how to make your eyelashes longer

Your eyelashes frame the natural beauty of your eyes just as a fearless body brings focus to the image within. While mascara creates a lengthening and thickening effect and curlers give your lashes a little face lift, decorative procedures just go so far — the most eye-catching lashes begin with a base that is naturally thick and long. It requires a multi-pronged strategy to support healthful eyelashes, to adding new products to your eyelash arsenal from tweaking your diet.

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Remove fully with tender make-up wipes every day. Your lashes are smothered by leaving your make-up on and may result in an eye infection. Let your lashes breath nightly to support growth.

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Raise your consumption of hair-healthful foods, like eggs, nuts, cold-water fish, seeds, soybeans, and fruits and veggies rich in vitamins An and C. Along with vitamins, foods like these pack lots of protein and essential fatty acids, which strengthen quality and hair growth. Moreover, iron-rich foods, like chicken and leafy green vegetables, keep hair follicles healthy and help prevent your lashes from shedding.

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Consult with your physician or dermatologist about eyelash-improving solutions that are external. Accessible by prescription, these products — which frequently come in the kind of bimatoprost ophthalmic solutions, just like the eye drops used to treat glaucoma — slowly raise lash volume, fullness and length over the course of a month or two.

Things You’ll Want
Light make-up wipes
Lash conditioner

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