J. Cat Waterproof Eyelash Glue Reviews

1 Detail 


J. Cat Beauty is a makeup brand with the purpose of offering hip, excellent items as moderate prices.

The awesome point about J. Cat Waterproof Eyelash Glue is that it is accessible in Clear, White and Black; Therefore, consider your choice! This water resistant eyelash adhesive dries rapidly and does not come up with a mess in the course of application. Additionally it is super-affordable, ideal if you are on finance.

Even though J. Cat Waterproof Eyelash Glue is not very well liked, consumers sound satisfied by its quality. This watertight lash adhesive is unquestionably value a try because it prices fewer than 5 bucks.

2 How to use

Clear your eyelashes and eyelids so they are simply just make-up and gas free.

  • Check Fit: Place lash using your natural lash. If it expands from lash line, decrease the surplus with small scissors.
  • Apply Adhesive: Press a slender kind of Adhesive above the lash band. A toothpick can be evenly used to increase it. Wait about 30 seconds for adhesive to produce.
  • Apply Lash: Place the lash as near your natural lash series as it can be. Use your fingertip to press over the merged group to secure setup delicately.

3 Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to apply
  • Good value
  • Dries quick and clear!
  • N/A

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