Ardell Lashtite Adhesive, Clear, 3/4-Fluid Ounce Bottle

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Simply Comply with These 3 Straightforward Steps:

Clear your personal lashes with non-oily make-up remover or cleaning soap and water.

Place a drop of adhesive on a bit of foil. Dip knotted finish of lash in adhesive, then place knot onto your personal lashes, near eyelid.

Press gently for a number of seconds.

Proceed similar technique for every lash used.
Ardell Lashtite Eyelash Adhesive Glue-Clear 3/4oz
al Eyelash Adhesive Specifically Formulated For Use With Duralash
Specifically Formulated and Waterproofed to carry lashes securely and cozy day after day!

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