Blink Lash Ultra Plus Glue for Eyelash Extension, 10g

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BLINK ULTRA PLUS Glue Adhesive for Eyelash Extensions. MOST POPULAR GLUE. One of the best and strongest glues on the market for eyelash extensions. Has a strong bonding period of up to 5-6 weeks. Fast drying time of 2-3 seconds for easy for quick lash application. Black and liquid in texture to minimize clumping. The Blink Ultra Plus Glue is our favorite eyelash extension glue. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. PRODUCT DETAILS: SIZE: 10ML, COLOR: BLACK, BRAND: BLINK, ORIGIN: SOUTH KOREA, SETTING TIME: 1-2 SECONDS, BOND: STRONGEST WITH HIGH FUMES. Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the misuse of the glue. Buyer is solely responsible for the product after purchase. Use with caution due to the strong bond and high fumes. Results may vary from client to client. Store in cool dry place. Glue may not be returned if opened.FOR EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY – DO NOT use on self
FOR EYELASH EXTENSIONS ONLY – DO NOT use with drugstore strip lashes – STRONG FUMES
STRONGEST BOND – Approximately 6-8 weeks bonding period and 2-3 second dry time
LOW VISCOSITY GLUE – shake bottle for 1-2 seconds to properly mix before use – glue is a thin and liquid consistency
USE AS DIRECTED – Adhere eyelash extension to natural lash, DO NOT use on skin, eyes stay closed for duration of appointment until glue is totally dry

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