The Best Heated Eyelash Curler

Eyelashes that stand out truly finish your appearance. There are methods to make your lashes actually pop, and one of them is utilizing a heated eyelash curler. We have had a go at numerous of the best heated eyelash curlers around, and they make a big distinction.

Why Buy a Heated Eyelash Curler?

There countless manner ins which you can attempt to attain the best curled eyelashes. We’ve took a look at the choices here:

  • Manual Eyelash Curler:These are most likely the curler that many individuals have actually attempted. You’ll most likely desire to utilize mascara with a manual eyelash curler to increase the appearance and enhance the time that your lashes stay curled. Generally with a standard curler outcomes might last for a couple of hours to a day depending upon the natural length and texture of your lashes.
  • Fake Lashes: Some like them, others dislike them. There’s no rejecting, done right they definitely improve your eyes. There is a. In fact a couple of buts, that make this far from an every-day part of the majority of our appeal routines. They are rather fiddly. I for one do not expensive aiming to connect them effectively in the early morning prior to work. Glue + Eye + Hurry is not a dish for success! This can be a costly choice. At around $10 for a pair, you will wish to recycle them. And you can as much as around 10 times. They require to be cleaned up, and as they will be covered in makeup and glue making cleaning without harming them a bit challenging.

  • Natural Remedies to Boost your Lashes: There are different treatments you can attempt to in fact enhance the length of your lashes. Many of them include rubbing your lashes with different lotions, from castor oil, coconut oil to lavender oil.
  • Heated Eyelash Curlers: We’ll have a look at how these operate in more information in the next area. For us however, this is the best compromise from all the choices offered. It’s fairly fast working and long-term without costing a fortune in the long run as your heated eyelash curler will last a long period of time if you care for it.
    Although there are other alternatives, our favourite is certainly the heated eyelash curler. Do not stress, it’s not like your eyelash curler will warm to the temperature level of your hair straighteners.

Exactly what to Look Out for When Buying a Heated Eyelash Curler

Eyelash curlers are all battery ran, however there are some distinctions in design. Much of this will be down to individual option.

  • Wand Design: These type of appear like an extremely small hair curling wand!
  • Heated Clamp Design: Works similar to the routine eyelash curler, however the pad are heated.
  • Mascara Before or After: Check the maker’s assistance notes, some deal with mascara in the past, others after heating.

You likewise have to think about the best method to utilize your heated eyelash curler for durable outcomes. We’ve got some pointers listed below.

Tips for Getting one of the most from your Heated Eyelash Curler

Make sure you use all of your makeup, and eye cosmetics prior to you utilize the eyelash curler. (With the exception of mascara if you opt for a curler which is to be utilized prior to mascara).

If utilizing a wand heated eyelash curler, put the comb onto the eyelash line above lashes and gently lift and pull the comb through the lashes in the very same method that you use mascara. One the curler wand reaches the suggestions of the eyelash it need to be held there for 3 seconds.

For the lever or clamp design heating eyelash curler, this work in a really comparable method to the standard clamp design non-heated curler. Rather of squeezing your 2 fingers together to seal the system (scissor-style), you move the lever on the front of the curler upwards till the pads are clamped on the eyelashes.

We advise choosing rechargeable batteries, and perhaps having 2 sets so when your batteries go out you’re not left needing to await them to charge.

In-depth Reviews of the Best Heated Eyelash Curler

Like we stated, the design depends on you and your individual choice. We’ve evaluated the heated eyelash curlers and thought about ease of usage and how lasting the appearance developed is.

1 Panasonic Double Action Heated Eyelash Curler

Panasonic Double Action Heated Eyelash Curler

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A clamp design curler that provides fantastic enduring outcomes and we discovered simple to utilize.


  • Mild double-action heat
  • Curls efficiently from base to tip with double curved pads
  • Durable curl with or without mascara
  • Protects and cushions eyelashes with smooth silicone pads

Exactly what’s Good About It?

One go on each eye, no requirement to repeat for the appearance to be accomplished. It lasted about 4 hours without mascara and 6 hours with.

What Could Be Improved?

Actually just the cost. It was the most costly, although not unjustly. It deserves it however is a somewhat bigger financial investment.

2Hitachi HR-550-W White Eyelash Curler

Hitachi HR-550-W White Eyelash Curler

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A clamp design curler that offers terrific outcomes. To obtain the additional zest in your lashes, we utilized it a few times prior to enjoying with the appearance.


  • Double Heat Pads
  • Torch function consisted of to brighten the location you’re curling
  • Battery life sign

Exactly what’s Good About It?

Really comparable in design to the Panasonic. And it was simple to utilize and durable. The primary distinction is that we discovered we needed to utilize it two times to attain the appearance we sought.

What Could Be Improved?

And it isn’t really the best composed. If you go for this one, examine out guides online with videos to see how to utilize this design of heated eyelash curler.

3 Eyecurl II Heated Eyelash Curler with Brush

Eyecurl II Heated Eyelash Curler with Brush

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This wand design heated eyelash curler features a brush and is battery run. If you’re searching for a wand design this is the best we’ve discovered. Excellent outcomes and long-term.


  • Portable Hot Brush Eyelash Curler with Brush
  • Battery Operated
  • Separates Lashes thanks to Brush Design.

Exactly what’s Good About It?

You use after mascara (as soon as totally dried) and brush your eyelashes upwards. If this sounds like the appearance you desire, you will not go far incorrect with this heated eyelash curler.

What Could Be Improved?

Possibly due to the a little more refined appearance this item produces, we did discover that our customers with thinner eyelashes had a hard time to obtain a long-term curl.

Last Verdict on Best Heated Eyelash Curler

They all offer a terrific appearance, and if this is the very first time you’ve purchased a heated eyelash curler, we believe you’ll never ever look back! The Panasonic is our number one for ease of usage, efficiency and durability.

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