9 Tips For Making Hair Look Thicker

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“I always get bored with my hair. That’s why I would always change it throughout my career.” That is, according to premier artist and performer, Janet Jackson. Hair is one of the quickest ways to change your image and your personality. A makeover is never complete without a new fresh look. Sadly, thinning hair can be a common problem at a time when hair care products are laden with harsh ingredients that make hair weak and scalp unhealthy.

Here are 9 amazing tips and tricks to make your hair appear thicker, bouncier and healthier:

1. Toss and dry your hair where you normally don’t have it parted


Toss hair

If you have long hair, flip your hair upside down and dry it from that angle.

2. Blow dry your hair only in cold setting

Use heat sparingly, such as only to make your hair fall the way you want your strands to. The cold setting will give you more volume.

3. Position the blow dryer away from your scalp

blow drier

Heat affects your scalp health and may cause your hair to fall out.

4. Stop damaging your hair with heat

Use a hair protectant before using heat treatment.

5. Tease your hair at the roots

Comb hair

Use a fine-toothed comb or a fine bristled toothbrush to do the trick. Remember that you only need to tease the roots and that there’s no need to tease to the tips.

6. Hold your style

Use volumizing hairspray to hold up your strands. Choose medium hold to give you moderate stiffness that still leaves your hair sufficiently soft to naturally bounce around.

7. Curl

curl hair

Curling your hair instantly gives it volume. You can use your old-fashioned rollers to set your hair or, you may also use hair iron. Use the barrel diameter you want. Twist your hair around the barrel. Hold it for about a minute. Then, release. Do this in small sections of your hair until all of your strands have been curled. You may run your fingers gently through your curls to make these seem more natural.

8. Hold your curls and keep your hair volume natural-looking by using sea salt spray

Set with a light hold hairspray.

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9. Don’t shampoo everyday

shampoo hair

Allow your scalp’s natural oils to moisturize your strands. Wash every other day. It will feel oily on the first few tries but, your scalp will eventually adapt to your new routine. If you want to feel cleaner hair and scalp without washing, try using dry shampoos.


Even when it comes to your tresses, nothing beats healthy hair. Beyond shiny, bouncy and beautiful, always go for healthy hair and scalp, and you can trust that the rest will naturally fall in.

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