9 Best Summer Hair Colors Ideas That You Should Consider

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Do you feel like your hair color has been stuck in a rut for the past months? This summer, perhaps it is time to emerge like a phoenix from your long hibernation. There are endless options out there, but you need to think twice before making a big change – well, you don’t want to walk around with a bad color choice! Here are some genius ideas you should consider for your new summer hairstyle.

1. Millennial Pink

Millennial Pink

Also one of the top hair colors today, this shade has taken over literally everything (including furniture and automobiles). The petal pink is a little tricky to pull off so you really need an experienced hair professional for this one. Also, remember that “the look” isn’t for everyone so you may need a few hours fiddling with your picture in Photoshop. If it doesn’t look stunning on you, don’t worry because there are many other hues you can choose from.

2. Tie-Dye


Okay, so this is a little bit crazier than the previous choice and it is definitely only for free spirits who love a vivacious look. It is for you if you’re the type of girl who wants everything at the same time – ash blonde as base and rainbow highlights that include neon hues and popular pastels of your choice. YOU GO GIRL!

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3. Iridescent Unicorn

Iridescent Unicorn

Everyone is still recovering from the Starbucks unicorn drink nightmare, and although the coffee chain is facing a ridiculous lawsuit, you don’t have to worry about going to court if you choose this color. It is a gorgeous blend of iridescent purple and gray that will give you a beautiful (and magical) appeal. Who knows? This might be the beginning of your happily ever after.

4. Hidden Highlights

Hidden Highlights

This is a super subtle look that Kerry Washington pulls off impeccably. Your colorist will be challenged, but it is not really that complicated.

5. Blonde-Gray


This is a hybrid hair color that is hard to pull off; it’s simply out of this world. Grounded by nearly-black roots, this is a modern look that can give you a god-like aura. However, you need long, gorgeous hair for this one so it’s not really for everyone.

6. Ash Brown

Ash Brown

If you just want to take a dip at the gray craze, this is the color you should try first. It’s perfect for cool skin tones that have pink undertones. There are bits of blue and gray that give this hue a notable ashen, grayish base.

7. Subtle Two-Tone

Subtle Two-Tone

You can’t easily spot this hair trend because of its subtleness. Think of it as an ombre antithesis – dark roots that transition smoothly to ends that are just a little lighter. It is so delicate that not all hair stylists can pull of the dark and light color blending.

8. Dimensional Mahogany

Dimensional Mahogany

The deep rich brunette shade is surely one of the top hair colors for summer 2017. Think Hailee Steinfeld and you will understand its simple appeal. No highlights are needed as this hue naturally has dimension and shine.

9. Blorange


You have probably never heard of this interesting hue, but it is the color mix to watch out for in 2017. Well, this can possibly be the biggest thing (or flop) – we’re still not sure although many are now wearing it. This is a mix of blonde and ginger that can make even the dullest hairstyles pop.

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